My Heritages

This App. allows you to manage your family and friends information as well as relationships. You can add them from phone contacts easily.

You can install this App. in the Google Play.

* Android 1.6 or later

  • Manages Individual information 
  • Manages Family information 
  • Manages Genealogy 
  • View Family Tree
  • Provides Anniversary Widget and Alarm
  • Supports D-day (count for an anniversary)
  • Backup and Restore

Note: Known limitations

* Korean / English / Portuguese / Japanese / Slovak / Czech / Polish / Russian / Spanish / Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) / French / Turkish

~ Special thanks to,
   : Miguel Mota for Portuguese translation.
   : Hyunchul Seung for Japanese translation.
   : Miroslav Lichtnecker for Slovak and Czech translation.
   : Andrzej Klonowski for Polish translation.
   : Andrew Gavrushenko for Russian translation.
   : Hugo Sirio Hernandez for Spanish translation.
   : Jinghua Xu for Traditional Chinese translation.
   : Vincent Gagnon for French translation.
   : Serbülend ARPA for Turkish translation.
   : 刁海 for Simplified Chinese translation.

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~ You can also donate arbitrary amount with PayPal.

Use permissions:
  • Read contacts data :
    • used to add an individual
    • used to synchronize to the representative photo of an individual
  • Write SD card :
    • used to backup data
    • used to save the representative photo of an individual
    • used for the temporary image file to share family tree
  • Vibrate :
    • used to alarm for one's anniversary
  • Network communications (only for the ads)
  • Camera (optional)
    • used to change the representative photo of an individual
  • Read SMS data (optional)
    • used to display a time information for the lastest SMS in family tree
  • Directly call phone numbers (optional)
    • used to call to an individual directly